Travel Beauty Bag Essentials

Most women will admit that air travel and feeling and looking great don’t typically go hand-in-hand. That’s where AirPretty toiletry travel bag for women comes in. A top quality collection of travel sized beauty products in a clear cosmetic travel bag compliant with TSA liquid rules, the AirPretty Classic kit will make air travel a much more luxurious experience for women worldwide.

AirPretty Travel Beauty Bag

Within this versatile, reusable, TSA compliant travel beauty bag is a collection of top quality, finely crafted items that guarantee a more luxurious travel experience.

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Moisturizing Cream

This organic face moisturizer cream adjusts to the hydration needs of any skin and keep your skin healthy and hydrated in even the driest conditions without leaving an oily feel.


Plush Sleep Mask

Relax on your flight with this high quality luxurious travel sleep mask. You’re sure to get your beauty rest with the AirPretty Plush Eye Mask!

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Hand Sanitizer

This delicious apple scented hand sanitizer will ensure your hands stay clean and germ-free, keeping you feeling your best during and after your trip.

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Organic Lip Balm

Moisturize your lips with this Hydrating organic lip balm. Luxurious, all natural ingredients keep your lips moist, hydrated, and healthy.

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Peppermint Breath Mints

Keep your mouth feeling refreshed and your breath smelling great with these top-quality peppermint flavored breath mints.

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Face Soothing Mist

With natural ingredients infused in the hydrating mist, this spray goes above and beyond other facial mist products that contain only water. One spray and you will feel the difference and your skin will thank you!