10 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying

Let’s face it- traveling can be stressful. Between pricey flights, security lines, weather delays, and germs, it feels like Murphy’s law is constantly in full effect. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. However, with so much uncertainty, it’s nice to know there are things you can do to eliminate some of your struggle. Here are our top 10 mistakes to avoid when flying:

Not booking your seat when you book a plane ticket
As you can imagine, the most desirable seats go quickly, so if you don’t select the seat you want when you book your ticket, you’ll be left with whatever seats are left over. Typically these include middle seats and seats at the very back of the plane near the lavatories.

 Dressing too comfy for the flight
There’s certainly an appeal to dressing in your comfiest outfit when traveling. However, looking like a slob, or dressing in pajamas is not the best idea. One important reason is that you never know who you will run into, or meet on a plane or in an airport. People have made important business and personal connections while traveling, so don’t get caught looking like you just rolled out of bed. Plus, in the event your luggage gets lost, you don’t want to be stuck in clothes that don’t represent you well. A good rule of thumb is to wear clothes that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your boss to see you in, but that are also comfortable.

Expecting you will have Wi-Fi
Sure, most terminals offer complimentary Wi-Fi these days, but not all of them. And sometimes the Wi-Fi can go down or be a bit spotty. If you have work that urgently needs to be done over Wi-Fi, you might want to invest in a mobile hotspot. Otherwise, plan to get other non-internet related work done, or bring a good book to keep you occupied while waiting for your flights.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes
Of course you want to look cute, but the airport is not the place to pull out your fancy stilettos. You will be doing a bit of walking to get to your gate (if you’re not running), so make sure to have shoes that can support a bit of trekking. If absolutely necessary, pack your heels in your carry-on so you can change quickly when you get off the airplane.

Not checking your itinerary
Any time you travel- anywhere- you should always keep a copy of your itinerary with you. Make sure you have information about your flights/connections, transit methods, hotel accommodations, and more. Be sure to know (and double check) important locations and times so that you don’t miss important connections or get stranded without proper accommodations.

Packing your cosmetics in your checked luggage
As we know all too well, staying clean and fresh on a plane is so important. Be sure to keep your AirPretty kit and your favorite cosmetics in your carry-on bag so you have all the necessities with you when you need them most. Plus, you will look enviably gorgeous when getting off your flight.

Not calculating travel time into your plans
Everyone hates feeling rushed. What’s worse than rushing, is being late (especially when you’re at risk of missing a flight, connection, or important meeting). Be sure to factor in the time it takes to get from point A to point B, and give yourself some extra time as a buffer in case of delays. This could include time in the security line, in a taxi, in the inter-terminal tram, and more. When in doubt, it’s always better to be too early rather than cutting it too close.

Not packing an extra tote
Often in our travels, we come across things we want to purchase, or souvenirs we want to remember our trip. However, bringing these items home can pose a challenge when you’re stuck with limited luggage space. Bringing an additional tote that can easily be folded up into your luggage when not in use can be a huge relief! These don’t take up a lot of space, but can be used to hold all the extra items you want to bring home if necessary. We suggest always having one in your luggage- just in case!

Assuming there will be food on the flight
More and more we are starting to see airlines stop serving food- especially on shorter flights. Relying on the food service on flights can often leave you disappointed, and your stomach empty and rumbling. It’s always wise to keep some healthy snacks in your carry on bag just in case to fight hunger and keep you satisfied and comfortable. (Here’s a list of some other things to always keep in your carry on bag!) 

Not getting a head start on fighting jet lag
Everyone who has traveled across time zones knows the pain of jet lag. Traveling is exhausting enough, but adjusting to different timezones can be a huge struggle. Book overnight flights when you can so you can get some rest on the flight (you can use your AirPretty plush eye shade). Additionally, it’s always smart to try to adjust to the timezone of your destination by sleeping when it’s night time and staying awake in the daytime.
For a more complete list, check out this Forbes article with the 15 worst mistakes you can make when flying

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