6 Things To Have In Your Carry On Bag (Besides AirPretty, of Course!)

Woman with carry on bag at airport

We’ve all heard stories about airline passengers arriving at their destinations only to learn that their luggage hasn’t. Or worse- the luggage has been lost! Some of you can probably even share your horror stories of your bags not being where you expected them to be. At AirPretty, we encourage travelers to ALWAYS be prepared. Having some essential items with you in your carry on bag is a great way to keep your mind at ease in the case that you find yourself without luggage. Here are our top 6 things to have in your carry on bag (in addition to your AirPretty kit, of course):


  1. Medications. This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately many people forget to keep important medications with them. Over the counter medications aren’t as critical as your prescription drugs because you can normally pick those up at an airport store. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared with anything you take on a normal basis. This includes anything you wouldn’t want to be without (pain relievers and tums included). You never know how long you will be without a lost bag. So the rule of thumb with medications is to just keep them with you when traveling.gqd16oj4saw-alvaro-serrano
  2. Phone charger. We could tell you countless horror stories that involve being stranded in a random city without any access to a phone or internet. Payphones are few and far between nowadays. Plus, borrowing a phone from a stranger is awkward enough but if you don’t speak the same language, it can be near impossible. Having access to your phone is not only important for staying entertained. In fact, it can be critical for getting a cab, booking a last minute hotel room, and adjusting flights. Most importantly, you will want to have access to call for help if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. Don’t risk it- keep your phone charger with you at all time.scarf
  3. Scarf/jacket. Whether you’re going to Fairbanks, Alaska, or the Sahara Desert in Africa, we suggest a jacket in your carry on. Airplanes are notorious for poor temperature control. As such, wearing layers on a plane is a great way to stay in control of your own personal temperature. Don’t rely on the thin airplane blankets to keep you warm (after all, they are a big germ carrier). In addition to keeping you warm and comfortable on the plane, your jacket can be used as a pillow to lean against the wall (if you have a window seat), or keep your neck supported in those uncomfortable seats.trousers-362781_640
  4. Underwear. At AirPretty, we are all about feeling fresh when you travel. What could possibly make you feel less fresh than day (or two) old panties? Plus, going commando comes with its own issues- like chafing and sweating. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk. Luckily, underwear doesn’t take up much space in your carry on. So grab a spare pair and tuck them into your bag. Trust us- it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.passport-881305_640
  5. Important documents. You do NOT want to get stuck somewhere (particularly a foreign country) without your passport/visa or other travel documents. The best approach we’ve learned is to make copies or scans of all your important documents and email one copy to yourself and one copy to a friend or family member. Make sure you keep your original in your carry on bag to avoid getting stranded.trail-mix-946119_640
  6. Healthy snacks. Beside the obvious benefit of saving your wallet from paying over inflated prices for airport food, being prepared with healthy snacks is a good idea for multiple reasons. Keeping your hunger at bay will keep you feeling content and more able to cope with unexpected travel issues. Plus, healthy snacks won’t leave you feeling bloated and fatigued, which goes a long way when you’re stuck in an airplane for hours on end.

What are some of your must-have items that you keep in your carry on? Share in the comments below!

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