10 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying

Let’s face it- traveling can be stressful. Between pricey flights, security lines, weather delays, and germs, it feels like Murphy’s law is constantly in full effect. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. However, with so much uncertainty, it’s nice to know there are things you can do to eliminate some of your struggle. Here are our top 10 mistakes to avoid when flying:

Not booking your seat when you book a plane ticket
As you can imagine, the most desirable seats go quickly, so if you don’t select the seat you want when you book your ticket, you’ll be left with whatever seats are left over. Typically these include middle seats and seats at the very back of the plane near the lavatories.

 Dressing too comfy for the flight
There’s certainly an appeal to dressing in your comfiest outfit when traveling. However, looking like a slob, or dressing in pajamas is not the best idea. One important reason is that you never know who you will run into, or meet on a plane or in an airport. People have made important business and personal connections while traveling, so don’t get caught looking like you just rolled out of bed. Plus, in the event your luggage gets lost, you don’t want to be stuck in clothes that don’t represent you well. A good rule of thumb is to wear clothes that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your boss to see you in, but that are also comfortable.

Expecting you will have Wi-Fi
Sure, most terminals offer complimentary Wi-Fi these days, but not all of them. And sometimes the Wi-Fi can go down or be a bit spotty. If you have work that urgently needs to be done over Wi-Fi, you might want to invest in a mobile hotspot. Otherwise, plan to get other non-internet related work done, or bring a good book to keep you occupied while waiting for your flights.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes
Of course you want to look cute, but the airport is not the place to pull out your fancy stilettos. You will be doing a bit of walking to get to your gate (if you’re not running), so make sure to have shoes that can support a bit of trekking. If absolutely necessary, pack your heels in your carry-on so you can change quickly when you get off the airplane.

Not checking your itinerary
Any time you travel- anywhere- you should always keep a copy of your itinerary with you. Make sure you have information about your flights/connections, transit methods, hotel accommodations, and more. Be sure to know (and double check) important locations and times so that you don’t miss important connections or get stranded without proper accommodations.

Packing your cosmetics in your checked luggage
As we know all too well, staying clean and fresh on a plane is so important. Be sure to keep your AirPretty kit and your favorite cosmetics in your carry-on bag so you have all the necessities with you when you need them most. Plus, you will look enviably gorgeous when getting off your flight.

Not calculating travel time into your plans
Everyone hates feeling rushed. What’s worse than rushing, is being late (especially when you’re at risk of missing a flight, connection, or important meeting). Be sure to factor in the time it takes to get from point A to point B, and give yourself some extra time as a buffer in case of delays. This could include time in the security line, in a taxi, in the inter-terminal tram, and more. When in doubt, it’s always better to be too early rather than cutting it too close.

Not packing an extra tote
Often in our travels, we come across things we want to purchase, or souvenirs we want to remember our trip. However, bringing these items home can pose a challenge when you’re stuck with limited luggage space. Bringing an additional tote that can easily be folded up into your luggage when not in use can be a huge relief! These don’t take up a lot of space, but can be used to hold all the extra items you want to bring home if necessary. We suggest always having one in your luggage- just in case!

Assuming there will be food on the flight
More and more we are starting to see airlines stop serving food- especially on shorter flights. Relying on the food service on flights can often leave you disappointed, and your stomach empty and rumbling. It’s always wise to keep some healthy snacks in your carry on bag just in case to fight hunger and keep you satisfied and comfortable. (Here’s a list of some other things to always keep in your carry on bag!) 

Not getting a head start on fighting jet lag
Everyone who has traveled across time zones knows the pain of jet lag. Traveling is exhausting enough, but adjusting to different timezones can be a huge struggle. Book overnight flights when you can so you can get some rest on the flight (you can use your AirPretty plush eye shade). Additionally, it’s always smart to try to adjust to the timezone of your destination by sleeping when it’s night time and staying awake in the daytime.
For a more complete list, check out this Forbes article with the 15 worst mistakes you can make when flying

How to Use Your AirPretty Travel Kit – Take-Off, In Flight, and Landing

So you’ve got this awesome, convenient new travel kit full of luxury AirPretty products that promise to make your in-flight experience much more glamorous. But how do you get the most out of the products? Follow these guidelines or make your own AirPretty beauty and comfort ritual. The sky is your oyster!

Pre-Flight/Takeoff: Start with a clean (moisturized) slate!

  • Remove makeup and wipe away dirt with the AirPretty Makeup Remover Wipe
  • Apply a light layer of the AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme to create a hydrated foundation for the flight
  • Finish off with the AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm

In-Flight: Applications may vary based on duration of flight (and obsession with your AirPretty products).

  • Avoid a blotchy, red complexion and keep your skin hydrated and soothed with a couple spritzes of the AirPretty Soothing Facial Mist
  • Re-apply AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm as necessary to keep your lips smooth and flake-free
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water!
  • Be sure to use the AirPretty Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer often, especially after touching dirty places on the airplane such as your tray table, seat belt, entertainment console, and using the restroom.
  • After sanitizing, make sure to moisturize your hands with the AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme
  • Once you’re clean, fresh, hydrated, and comfortable, put on your AirPretty Plush Eye Shade and relax for the flight!

Landing: Freshen up and Flaunt it!

  • Use some AirPretty Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer to kill the germs from your flight
  • Rehydrate your hands with some AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme
  • Use your AirPretty Wipe to freshen up and get ready for your destination
  • Apply a thin layer of Luxe Moisturizing Creme to rehydrate
  • Apply light makeup if desired
  • Pop an AirPretty Peppermint Breath Mint or two to freshen up your breath and rejuvenate
  • Put the finishing touch on your beautiful face with some AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm

Don’t forget to tell us where you are taking your AirPretty travel kit! Snap a photo and post it with #AirPretty and #TravelAirPretty. Have safe, wonderful, AirPretty travels!

Travel Beauty Tips from Shaadi Shop Founder, Samta Varia

Travel Tip Tuesday- Tips from Our Travel Experts!

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel beauty tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

Image result for samta variaWe connected with Samta Varia, CEO and Founder of Shaadi Shop, to learn more about her beauty tips and regimens for staying gorgeous on the go.

I wish I could do more with my beauty regimen but with so little time outside of running my startup, I try to maximize bang for time. That also applies to shopping. I use a lot of natural products and things I always have at home, rather than a lot of specialty items.” We agree- using natural products is great for your skin and overall health. Plus, when you’re traveling it’s easier to find these products in stores. Getting too attached to a specific brand or product can leave you out of luck when you’re abroad and your favorite brand is nowhere to be found.

Samta’s tip for eye wrinkles and dark circles: Almond Oil

Woman With Black TextileWhile working long days, getting little rest, and operating in different time zones, it’s easy for fatigue to catch up to you. We all want to look our best while on the go, and it can be tough to get rid of dark circles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Samta suggests using a cotton ball to massage a dab of almond oil under your eyes every night before going to bed to minimize wrinkles and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Samta’s tip for protecting your feet: VapoRub

fashion, feet, girl“My startup, ShaadiShop, is like AirBnB for Indian wedding venues. I meet with a lot of hotel and venue executives, which means I’m walking in heels often.”

To protect your feet and ease the pain,  wash your feet every night and then apply a generous layer of Vick’s VapoRub. Don’t forget to put socks on- you don’t want that goo all over your floor or sheets!

Samta’s tip to hydrate your skin: Warm Lemon Water

Close Up Photography of Two Lemon on the Water Sprinkled With DropsWe stress that hydration is one huge factor in feeling and looking great. Especially when it comes to radiant skin. But there are a few more things you can do to maximize its effectiveness. Drink two glasses (16 oz.) of warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning.

“Warm water is great for blood circulation and eliminates fat deposits in the body; and lemon is a cleaning agent, that’s why it’s in soaps and detergents. Combining the two is a powerful force for hydrated, great looking skin! Bonus points for doing this first thing in the morning — on an empty stomach — for the most impact!”

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips from Josephine Lee, Founder of The Pointe Shop

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

We connected with Josephine Lee, founder of The Pointe Shop to learn more about her travel tips. She taught us about the importance of leaving your stress and demands of work at the door. Her advice? Unplug and use the flight time to unwind.

Josephine explains that she has to travel often for work, and that can be a real drain on anyone. “I was flying to New York from California for the third time in a few weeks. Needless to say, I was completely jet lagged and tired. On top of that, I felt behind at work and was anxious the entire time I was on the flight because I had all my emails and text messages going.” We can relate- nothing says STRESS like the incessant chime coming from your phone and laptop.

But with frequent travel comes experience. In fact, Josephine has made some significant changes to her travel rituals. Her tip to fellow AirPretty travelers is to unplug and unwind. Even better, she loves to “read a book or try to do some creative work without interruptions”. And experts agree- taking time to flex your creative muscles is a phenomenal de-stresser and actually improves your mood.

In addition, taking a break from technology and work has multiple benefits including enhanced productivity, neck, back, and eye strain mitigation, and the ability to recharge, increasing happiness and energy levels.

“Now I take full advantage of the time I have on flights. I normally don’t have the luxury to press pause on my life so on flights, I keep my Wi-Fi turned off (no matter how long the flight).”

So on your next trip, try taking a page from Josephine’s playbook and create time for yourself. Turn off your devices and focus on things you enjoy, like reading, writing, coloring, or meditating. Happy traveling!

About Josephine Lee:

Josephine Lee is an industry leading entrepreneur and an award winning public speaker.

Josephine graduated from the University of Southern California in 2010 with a degree in Communication. She was a sports anchor for a student produced nightly newscast called Annenberg TV News. After graduation, she joined Toastmasters International to continue her education in communication. In 2016, she rose above 35,000 contestants to win 3rd place in the World Championship of Public Speaking. This etched her in history as the first Korean American woman to place in the final stage.

Her talents apply to business as well. Josephine opened a dance retail store called Dancer’s Choice Dance Supply in Irvine, CA in 2010. After recognizing a need for more accessible and knowledgeable pointe shoe fittings, she started a traveling pointe shoe fitting company called The Pointe Shop in January of 2014. The Pointe Shop offers professional fittings inside ballet studios as well as individual fittings at the flagship store in Santa Ana, CA. Convenience and expertise helped The Pointe Shop rise to becoming one of the top pointe shoe retailer in the country.

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Saving For Your Dream Vacation

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. This week we’re going back to our AirPretty staffers for their New Year’s travel resolutions!

It’s officially 2017, which means we’re all thinking about our goals for this year. We always try to have something travel-related on our list, including at least one international trip. Travel lovers know that the cost of weekend getaways and holidays can add up quickly. So how do we afford to visit our dream destinations and still keep money in the bank? Check out our tips below!

Create a vacation savings account

One of the easiest ways to save for a big trip is to open up a special vacation savings account. Budget a realistic amount to put away each month and within a few months you’ll have enough saved up for a future flight or hotel stay! We like to set up an automatic transfer on payday so that we don’t even miss the money we’re saving! Plus, the extra step of transferring the money back to your checking account will make it less tempting to dip into the savings for non-travel related expenses.

Track flight deals

We’re always on the lookout for a good deal, especially when it comes to flights! It’s hard to know when flight prices are going to change. Luckily there are some great apps and sites that do the tracking for us.

We like to use Skyscanner to compare flight prices based on day of the week and time of day. If you’re really set on particular dates, you can set up email alerts that let you know when the cost of your trip is going up or down.

Also, we suggest using the app Hopper. Not only can you set push notification alerts for specific trips, but the app will recognize your local airport and will notify you if there are great flight deals available. They also have a convenient calendar set-up when planning trip dates – each day is color coded based on a range of flight prices so you’ll know right away which weekends might be too expensive.

Sign up for rewards programs and emails

Another easy way to save money for your trips is to sign up for rewards programs and emails. Anytime you book a flight, airlines will offer you the chance to join their frequent flyer programs. Even if you don’t fly often, be sure to sign-up so you earn points for your flight. If you do happen to have a favorite airline, try to use your frequent flyer number on business trips. Those points will quickly add up to a free flight or other rewards!

We also recommend signing up for a travel rewards credit card. Our favorite is the Chase Freedom – you get 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% cash back on certain retailers each quarter. This quarter you will be rewarded for gas stations and public transportation. (Sure makes commuting to work a little easier when you’re saving for vacation with each fill-up!)

We also like to sign up for airline-specific deal alerts, so we know if one of our favorites is offering a discount. We love JetBlue’s email program, so be sure to get on their list! Worried about getting spammed with travel emails? Create a separate email account and use that to register for all of your travel deals.

Think about renting a room or house

We’ve focused a lot on flights this post, but what about accommodations? We love staying in a fancy hotel as much as the next traveler, but sometimes they just don’t fit in the budget. We’ve had amazing luck renting apartments and houses on Airbnb and VRBO. Not only can you save money on a room, but you can save yourself some money on food too! We usually make a quick trip by the grocery store for coffee, breakfast food, and snacks to carry throughout the day. Never underestimate how much you can save by cooking a few meals instead of eating at a restaurant!

Prefer to stay in a hotel? Some companies offer corporate hotel discounts to their vacationing employees. Check with your benefits department to see if that’s an option for your destination.

Research local event and conference dates

It’s never fun when you book an amazing flight deal and then find out that hotel prices make up the cost difference. On a recent trip to New York, we learned a tough lesson: always look into local events that overlap with travel dates! We booked a great flight deal but couldn’t find any hotel for under $400 a night! Turns out the United Nations was holding their General Assembly that week, so government officials from all over the world and their security and staff were visiting the city. Make sure you save yourself the headache (and the money!) and do a quick search on local events and conferences before booking anything!


About this week’s Tip Tuesday contributor:
Sophia is a Boston native, California transplant, and world traveler. Her mom is a flight attendant, so I guess you could say globetrotting is in her blood! Check out her (self-admittedly neglected) Instagram for photos of her adventures. She’s is also managing the social media accounts for AirPretty – so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips from Miss Travel Guru, Francesca Page

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

We connected with Miss Travel Guru, Francesca Page to learn more about her airport struggles and tips for overcoming them.

“I was returning to Florida, where I was living at the time, from New York City. My flight was delayed twice then cancelled, so we were all forced to re-book.” She sets the tone for an experience that many of us know so well. We’ve all been there- a bustling airport, with everyone else coming and going. Meanwhile, you’re stuck waiting for a flight that seems to never come. Then finally, the PA system announces: FLIGHT CANCELLED. At once, you realize the entire day has been wasted in a stuffy, germ filled airport.

Rushing to the counter to re-book her flight, Francesca got some more bad news. “After sitting in a line for 4 hours, I was told I couldn’t get a flight for 3 days,” she explains. But determined to get home, she identifies another way. “I opted to take an Amtrak to Boston and catch a flight from there.”

Most jet setting women know that Murphy’s law is in full effect when traveling. Francesca rushes to the Amtrak station. “….But then I missed the train. It’s now 12AM. I had to get to the bus station in New York City to take a 2AM bus through the night to Boston, and then get on a red eye back to Florida.” But why the rush? Francesca had to get back home to read the news on air at 11 A.M.! “I was fighting time”, she explained. Is this starting to sound like the stressful comedy classic: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? We thought so too!

Francesca comments, “I knew I had to sleep and look refreshed for work. After all, I’m broadcasted in front of the entire nation.” So what did she do? “I opted to avoid caffeine, drank water, and put on meditation music to keep calm among the havoc. Wanting to look clean and refreshed, so I took off my makeup. Changing out of my jeans and into sweats enabled me to get comfortable for the trip. I used my jacket as a pillow to get some rest.  And a few cereal bars from the airport kiosk were a quick snack.” Comfort, clean skin, and hydration certainly are key!

With determined resolution, Francesca states, “Even if I was going to have to take a bus, two planes and cab to the network – I was going to make sure I got some shut eye and felt clean!”

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

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6 Things To Have In Your Carry On Bag (Besides AirPretty, of Course!)

Woman with carry on bag at airport

We’ve all heard stories about airline passengers arriving at their destinations only to learn that their luggage hasn’t. Or worse- the luggage has been lost! Some of you can probably even share your horror stories of your bags not being where you expected them to be. At AirPretty, we encourage travelers to ALWAYS be prepared. Having some essential items with you in your carry on bag is a great way to keep your mind at ease in the case that you find yourself without luggage. Here are our top 6 things to have in your carry on bag (in addition to your AirPretty kit, of course):


  1. Medications. This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately many people forget to keep important medications with them. Over the counter medications aren’t as critical as your prescription drugs because you can normally pick those up at an airport store. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared with anything you take on a normal basis. This includes anything you wouldn’t want to be without (pain relievers and tums included). You never know how long you will be without a lost bag. So the rule of thumb with medications is to just keep them with you when traveling.gqd16oj4saw-alvaro-serrano
  2. Phone charger. We could tell you countless horror stories that involve being stranded in a random city without any access to a phone or internet. Payphones are few and far between nowadays. Plus, borrowing a phone from a stranger is awkward enough but if you don’t speak the same language, it can be near impossible. Having access to your phone is not only important for staying entertained. In fact, it can be critical for getting a cab, booking a last minute hotel room, and adjusting flights. Most importantly, you will want to have access to call for help if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. Don’t risk it- keep your phone charger with you at all time.scarf
  3. Scarf/jacket. Whether you’re going to Fairbanks, Alaska, or the Sahara Desert in Africa, we suggest a jacket in your carry on. Airplanes are notorious for poor temperature control. As such, wearing layers on a plane is a great way to stay in control of your own personal temperature. Don’t rely on the thin airplane blankets to keep you warm (after all, they are a big germ carrier). In addition to keeping you warm and comfortable on the plane, your jacket can be used as a pillow to lean against the wall (if you have a window seat), or keep your neck supported in those uncomfortable seats.trousers-362781_640
  4. Underwear. At AirPretty, we are all about feeling fresh when you travel. What could possibly make you feel less fresh than day (or two) old panties? Plus, going commando comes with its own issues- like chafing and sweating. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk. Luckily, underwear doesn’t take up much space in your carry on. So grab a spare pair and tuck them into your bag. Trust us- it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.passport-881305_640
  5. Important documents. You do NOT want to get stuck somewhere (particularly a foreign country) without your passport/visa or other travel documents. The best approach we’ve learned is to make copies or scans of all your important documents and email one copy to yourself and one copy to a friend or family member. Make sure you keep your original in your carry on bag to avoid getting stranded.trail-mix-946119_640
  6. Healthy snacks. Beside the obvious benefit of saving your wallet from paying over inflated prices for airport food, being prepared with healthy snacks is a good idea for multiple reasons. Keeping your hunger at bay will keep you feeling content and more able to cope with unexpected travel issues. Plus, healthy snacks won’t leave you feeling bloated and fatigued, which goes a long way when you’re stuck in an airplane for hours on end.

What are some of your must-have items that you keep in your carry on? Share in the comments below!

Travel Tip Tuesday: 6 Tips to Surviving Holiday Travel

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. This week we’re mixing it up a little bit and sharing some tips from our AirPretty staffers!


The holidays are just around the corner, which means so are security lines, delays, and lost luggage. Check out our six tips to surviving holiday travel.

1. Consider more than price when booking flights

We all know holiday travel is expensive, so it’s easy to book the cheapest flight without a second thought. But don’t forget, the holidays also fall right in the middle of travel’s least favorite season.

Heading to a snowy destination? Be prepared for weather delays going in and out. We like to load an extra book or two onto our Kindle just in case.

Connecting somewhere? Make sure you do a little research on your stop-over options. For example, a layover in Minneapolis might be cheaper, but you could save yourself a snowstorm delay by flying through somewhere like Houston or Atlanta.

2. Carry-on

Losing your luggage is never fun, but it hurts a little extra when your holiday outfit or gifts for your loved ones go missing too. Save yourself some last minute shopping trips by keeping your suitcase with you.

3. Don’t pack your coat; wear it

Holiday travel also means having to squeeze your bulky winter wardrobe into your space-limited suitcase. We’ve all had to make the decision between including that cute sweater we got on Black Friday or a second pair of boots… it’s not easy! Therefore, we suggest freeing up some space in your luggage by wearing your coat while traveling. Not only can you pack a few extra items in its place, but you can also use it as a blanket to keep warm in the air.

4. Invest in TSA PreCheck

Only $85 to skip security lines for five years- and you don’t have to take your shoes off or your liquids out of your bag? We’re in! Unfortunately it’s a little too late to sign-up for this holiday season, but you can get a head start on the process for next year.

5. Think about buying a day-pass to your airline’s lounge

Regardless of the reason (a delay, a layover, just getting to the airport early, etc), a long wait in the airport can be one of the worst parts of air travel. Food is pricey, gate seating disappears quickly, and good luck finding an outlet! If you want to make the wait a little more bearable, check out the local airline lounge. Most airlines sell day-passes, which will give you access to buffets, bars, faster wifi, and armchairs. Depending on how stressful your day has been (or will be), it could be worth the splurge.

6. And of course… don’t forget your AirPretty!

It’s easy to be cranky if you’re not feeling your best. Luckily, AirPretty has you covered – make sure you keep yours at the top of your carry-on so you can make sure you’re looking and feeling glamorous through even the longest of delays.

About this week’s Tip Tuesday contributor:
sophia-photoSophia is a Boston native, California transplant, and world traveler. Her mom is a flight attendant, so I guess you could say globetrotting is in her blood! Check out her (self-admittedly neglected) Instagram for photos of her adventures. She’s is also managing the social media accounts for AirPretty – so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips from Kristen Kellogg of Border Free Travels

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

We connected with Kristen Kellogg of Border Free Travels for her best tips to looking and feeling great while traveling.

“I always used to struggle with the fact that I couldn’t arrive feeling fresh after long haul flights,”
 she explained. And we totally sympathize!

One of her biggest challenges was keeping her skin clean and feeling fresh. Clearly space is limited on a plane, and you’re not equipped with your entire bathroom cabinet to primp and freshen up. Kristen’s solution? “To combat the lack of space to wash my face properly in an airline bathroom, I usually skip the makeup altogether.” Experts and Airpretty agree that flying makeup-free is the way to go. Check out our article on Why Not to Wear Makeup on a Flight and let us know your experience with flying fresh faced!

Another great suggestion for keeping your skin feeling smooth and fresh: “opt for all natural moisturizer, allowing [your] skin to breathe.” We agree! And we certainly know a thing or two about all natural ingredients and healthy moisturizers.

Advocating travel sized skincare products, Kristen recommends choosing products that are all natural and food grade. Kristen Kellogg Border Free ProductionsThis will leave your skin clean, protected, and radiant on and off the flight. Plus, those smaller sizes are easy to get through TSA and convenient for your carry on bag.

To keep your eyes from drying out and getting irritated during the long haul flights, Kristen suggests “wear[ing] a hat to block the pesky recycled air that comes from the vents above. As an added bonus, wearing a hat hides bad hair after a long flight.”

Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below for a chance to be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday! Check back next Tuesday for more helpful travel tips!

Why Not To Wear Makeup On A Flight

Yes, you read that correctly. I know you want to look amazing when you fly, but a face full of caked on makeup is probably not the best idea when you’re traveling. We totally love the natural look anyway, but there are reasons why going sans-makeup is a great idea when flying. Here are some reasons why not to wear makeup on a flight:

  1. Dry environment + heavy foundations or makeup = breakout central. Seriously, the dry air can actually stress out your skin and enhance oil production. Mix that with heavy makeup and you have a recipe for an awful breakout.

  2. Powders and other facial makeup can actually dry out your skin, causing your skin to become dry and flaky, and grey and dull in complexion (not radiant like the goddess you are!)

  3. We know you’re amazing at putting on your makeup after watching all those YouTube tutorials, we have no doubt about that. However, countless hours in a confined airplane with recirculated air probably won’t keep your faceAirplane Window looking fresh and polished. Makeup that looks perfect going into a flight will often look smudged and messy coming off a flight, so think twice before going to all that trouble.

  4. What’s worse is that makeup can hang onto dirt and other particles like pollution and smog. Exposure to this and other environmental elements can create free radicals, which can cause the natural collagen in your skin to break down. Since collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, a loss in collagen means wrinkles and fine lines can begin to appear or become more defined.

But- maybe flying totally bare isn’t a great idea either. In fact, while flying, you’re even more exposed to damaging UV rays and radiation than normal. Why? Higher altitude and thinner air bring you closer to these rays and limit your protection. It’s important to protect your skin mid-flight to avoid any harmful rays.

So what do we recommend?

Keep it simple with a moisturizer and SPF. If you’re not up for the completely bare look, use some tinted moisturizer to hydrate and smooth out your complexion. Using a hydrating facial mist in flight will keep your skin from drying out. Plus, it will soothe any redness or puffiness from the dry cabin air. Finish off the light look with a hydrating lip balm to keep your lips happy and flake-free.

Don’t forget your hands! Hopefully you’re keeping your hands clean (because airports and airplanes carry a LOT of germs). However, with washing and sanitizing, plus the dry air, hands can often become dehydrated and dry. Use plenty of lotion to keep your hands soft and hydrated during the flight.

Don’t forget to post photos of your beautiful self with your AirPretty kit, and use #AirPretty and #TravelAirPretty!

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