Why Not To Wear Makeup On A Flight

Yes, you read that correctly. I know you want to look amazing when you fly, but a face full of caked on makeup is probably not the best idea when you’re traveling. We totally love the natural look anyway, but there are reasons why going sans-makeup is a great idea when flying. Here are some reasons why not to wear makeup on a flight:

  1. Dry environment + heavy foundations or makeup = breakout central. Seriously, the dry air can actually stress out your skin and enhance oil production. Mix that with heavy makeup and you have a recipe for an awful breakout.

  2. Powders and other facial makeup can actually dry out your skin, causing your skin to become dry and flaky, and grey and dull in complexion (not radiant like the goddess you are!)

  3. We know you’re amazing at putting on your makeup after watching all those YouTube tutorials, we have no doubt about that. However, countless hours in a confined airplane with recirculated air probably won’t keep your faceAirplane Window looking fresh and polished. Makeup that looks perfect going into a flight will often look smudged and messy coming off a flight, so think twice before going to all that trouble.

  4. What’s worse is that makeup can hang onto dirt and other particles like pollution and smog. Exposure to this and other environmental elements can create free radicals, which can cause the natural collagen in your skin to break down. Since collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, a loss in collagen means wrinkles and fine lines can begin to appear or become more defined.

But- maybe flying totally bare isn’t a great idea either. In fact, while flying, you’re even more exposed to damaging UV rays and radiation than normal. Why? Higher altitude and thinner air bring you closer to these rays and limit your protection. It’s important to protect your skin mid-flight to avoid any harmful rays.

So what do we recommend?

Keep it simple with a moisturizer and SPF. If you’re not up for the completely bare look, use some tinted moisturizer to hydrate and smooth out your complexion. Using a hydrating facial mist in flight will keep your skin from drying out. Plus, it will soothe any redness or puffiness from the dry cabin air. Finish off the light look with a hydrating lip balm to keep your lips happy and flake-free.

Don’t forget your hands! Hopefully you’re keeping your hands clean (because airports and airplanes carry a LOT of germs). However, with washing and sanitizing, plus the dry air, hands can often become dehydrated and dry. Use plenty of lotion to keep your hands soft and hydrated during the flight.

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