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How to Use Your AirPretty Travel Kit – Take-Off, In Flight, and Landing

So you’ve got this awesome, convenient new travel kit full of luxury AirPretty products that promise to make your in-flight experience much more glamorous. But how do you get the most out of the products? Follow these guidelines or make your own AirPretty beauty and comfort ritual. The sky is your oyster! Pre-Flight/Takeoff: Start with a clean (moisturized) slate! Remove makeup and wipe away dirt with the AirPretty Makeup Remover Wipe Apply a light layer of the AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme to create a hydrated foundation for the flight Finish off with the AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm In-Flight: Applications may vary based on duration of flight (and obsession with...