Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips From Carly Fauth of MoneyCrashers

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

Here are some tips from Carly Fauth of MoneyCrashers:

Introduce yourself to any of the flight attendants when travelling by air. Letting them know who you are and being cordial will usually increase the enjoyment of your flight and minimize issues.

Unless you’re travelling in the dead of winter, fly wearing a skirt or dress. More than likely you’ll need to use the restroom at least once. And quite frankly, some of the stuff that is found on bathroom floors is nothing you want on your clothing.

Make sure you travel with noise cancelling headphones as well. This can be helpful if you’re trying to get some work done or simply taking in an in-flight movie.

Carry a scarf or sweater in your carry-on baggage so you can handle any temperature issues without problems.

Drink lots of water. Airplane cabins are almost always dry, so staying hydrated will reduce the chance that your skin gets dehydrated.

Always keep moisturization in mind – you should always have hand cream, eye cream, lip balm, and face lotion.

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