The Top 8 Dirtiest Places on an Airplane

Any traveling woman knows that flying on an airplane is like putting your immune system under siege. Between the recirculated cabin air, the coughing passengers, and the kids with sticky fingers, there’s no wonder why many of us feel awful during and after a flight. It’s hard to feel and look great when it seems like the odds are against us from the moment we board the plane!

And in fact, they are.

Think about all the other people who have sat in the same exact seat as you… who have touched the same things that you’re touching…. used the same restrooms…. You get the idea. Of course we feel gross when we fly- there are germs literally everywhere.

Here are the top eight dirtiest places on an airplane:

Dirty places on Airplane#8 Bathroom stall locks

#7 Seat belt buckles

#6 Toilet flush button

#5 Seat back pockets

#4 Magazines

#3 Touchscreen entertainment system

#2 Overhead air vent

#1 Tray table

So what can you do about germ prevention and keeping yourself from getting sick? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on tips and tricks to stay healthy and clean while flying. And remember, #TravelAirPretty and feel AirPretty wherever you go!

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