Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips From BubbleBum CEO, Grainne Kelly

Travel Tip Tuesday- Tips from Our Travel Experts!

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

Here are some tips from Grainne Kelly, travel expert, former travel agent, child passenger safety technician, and inventor of BubbleBum:

Grainne Kelly, CEO of Bubblebum is AirPretty

One time my suitcase was lost when I traveled to China. With size 10 feet and size 8 clothes, it was extremely difficult to find items to wear in the Chinese stores that cater their sizes to the common Asian physiques. I begged store owners to check in the back of the store for the biggest underwear they had. No luck with shoes though- I had to accept that I’d never find shoes that fit.

Now I wear loose-fitting, smart attire when traveling so I know I will have to have something to fall back on. I bring my biggest wrap if I am flying coach to make me comfortable. Plus, I always have earplugs, as there’s sure to be an unsettled baby on the flight with sore ears.

Jet lag is the biggest killer for me. When I fly to Vegas there is an 8-hour time difference for me so I try to be ready for bed at 2pm. Herbal sleep aid also helps me get straight into the time zone.

In flight, I set my watch immediately and try not to eat unless it is mealtime in my final destination. If it is sleep time in my final destination, I try to sleep. Water is essential! I drink one cup of water for every hour of the flight and very rarely have any alcohol in flight, as I hate to arrive dehydrated.

No one arrives at their destination feeling anything other than gross, having slept in a seat that thousands of others have slept and sweated in before you. I bring a little pump dispenser spray with a mixture of alcohol, water, and my favorite essential oils. Spraying it on the seat makes me feel better with the familiar smell and the antibacterial oils kill some airborne bugs.

Finally, I always bring a really strong face cream and apply regularly. All I wear on my face when flying is mascara and maybe a little blush and lip balm.

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