Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips From Travel Writer, Suzanne Ball

Travel Tip Tuesday- Tips from Our Travel Experts!

Happy Tuesday AirPretty travelers! Every Tuesday we offer you some helpful travel tips from our community of travel experts. Share your tips in the comments below and you might be featured as one of our AirPretty Travel Experts on Travel Tip Tuesday!

Here are some tips from Suzanne Ball, freelance travel and health writer:

Women definitely have more challenges than men when it comes to keeping up appearance when flying. I know this all too well.

And it all begins with that damned “3-1-1” ziplock bag.

Airplane TravelHow to cram even a few necessities to make me look like I haven’t traveled in a hair-crushing, zero-humidity, ego-deflating plane? Men stand up, run their hands through their hair, smooth out the wrinkles in their shirts…and off they go. Women? Find a place to apply some blush, make some kind of sense out their hair, replace the comfy airport shoes, put in contact lenses, finally do a spritz of perfume…

There is only so much space on a plane so I have to choose: comfort or looks? If I bring the neck pillow, then the cute shoes won’t fit in my backpack. Wearing pants limits my ability to complete my outfit for the meeting. If I need to apply blush, do I use the cramped–and filthy–plane toilet?

Over time, I did figure out a few things. Sensible haircut, basic black travel wear with endless scarves, uninspired footwear. Practical makeup (yes, applied an hour before landing in that icky toilet) and daily wear contacts to replace the glasses. Call me vain, but it’s important to me not to look as I just got off a stage coach. Domestic or international, it feels good to look good.

It becomes second nature over time. For years, I was a weekly business traveler. Now I’m a freelance travel and health writer. The destinations have changed, but not the routine.

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