How to Use Your AirPretty Travel Kit – Take-Off, In Flight, and Landing

So you’ve got this awesome, convenient new travel kit full of luxury AirPretty products that promise to make your in-flight experience much more glamorous. But how do you get the most out of the products? Follow these guidelines or make your own AirPretty beauty and comfort ritual. The sky is your oyster!

Pre-Flight/Takeoff: Start with a clean (moisturized) slate!

  • Remove makeup and wipe away dirt with the AirPretty Makeup Remover Wipe
  • Apply a light layer of the AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme to create a hydrated foundation for the flight
  • Finish off with the AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm

In-Flight: Applications may vary based on duration of flight (and obsession with your AirPretty products).

  • Avoid a blotchy, red complexion and keep your skin hydrated and soothed with a couple spritzes of the AirPretty Soothing Facial Mist
  • Re-apply AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm as necessary to keep your lips smooth and flake-free
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water!
  • Be sure to use the AirPretty Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer often, especially after touching dirty places on the airplane such as your tray table, seat belt, entertainment console, and using the restroom.
  • After sanitizing, make sure to moisturize your hands with the AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme
  • Once you’re clean, fresh, hydrated, and comfortable, put on your AirPretty Plush Eye Shade and relax for the flight!

Landing: Freshen up and Flaunt it!

  • Use some AirPretty Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer to kill the germs from your flight
  • Rehydrate your hands with some AirPretty Luxe Moisturizing Creme
  • Use your AirPretty Wipe to freshen up and get ready for your destination
  • Apply a thin layer of Luxe Moisturizing Creme to rehydrate
  • Apply light makeup if desired
  • Pop an AirPretty Peppermint Breath Mint or two to freshen up your breath and rejuvenate
  • Put the finishing touch on your beautiful face with some AirPretty Hydrating Lip Balm

Don’t forget to tell us where you are taking your AirPretty travel kit! Snap a photo and post it with #AirPretty and #TravelAirPretty. Have safe, wonderful, AirPretty travels!

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